Does Home Depot Have a Tri Wing Screwdriver?


A while back we were contacted by an alert consumer who informed us that Home Depot was selling a security screwdriver bit set for $8. Looking around at Home Deport we weren’t able to find the bit set for $8. However, we did find a nice set for about $25.  There is a problem with the set as well as it being expensive. The hex shaped body that allows you to interchange the bits is too large to fit inside of the recessed holes where the tri wing screws are found on the Wii.

Tri Wing Screwdrivers

To get inside of the Nintendo Wii and most other Nintendo products you need to have a screwdriver with a skinny enough shaft to slip into the tight holes. Unfortunately, screwdriver bit sets just simply won’t do the job.  Not only would you have to buy a somewhat expensive  set, but it would most likely be useless. Although, it might be possible to take apart the Macbook Pro with a set like this. For the majority of devices though you need a screwdriver with a thin shaft.

Plus, if you are like me, I always end up losing the screwdriver bits. I’ll lose one here, one there and next thing I know I am left with a few bits that are useless to me because they are so uncommon. For me, I would rather have a tool where the bit is intact. It’s much more sturdy and, like I said, you are much less likely to lose it.

I wish I could tell you that you could head over to Home Depot to get a Nintendo screwdriver but you can’t.

Lucky for you we sell a low priced screwdriver that is designed to take apart Nintendo’s stuff. It is extremely high quality and it works great. It will take out the screws in other electronics that use tri wing screws like the Macbook Pro as well. Everything we sell ships free and Shipping is fast (usually 2 or 3 days)! I know it isn’t as nice as running into town to pick one up, but its about as good as it gets.

Sorry if you’re disappointed that Home Depot doesn’t have a tri wing screwdriver. It would be convenient if they did. If you need one feel free to head over to our store.


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