Why does it take a Tri Wing Screwdriver to take my Wii apart?



Tri Wing Screwdriver

It’s pretty simple really, Nintendo doesn’t want you to take their stuff apart. They use tri wing screws to slow you down so that you’ll have to use their service centers when something goes wrong. There are many repairs that are well within the abilities of the average person. One obstacle that stops many people is the availability of a tri wing screwdriver. If you read internet forums you will find that there are people that mistakenly believe that you can get a tri wing screwdriver at a local store. What they are usually referring to is a screwdriver set that has numerous interchangeable bits. Some of these sets even contain a tri wing screwdriver bit. The problem is that a screwdriver with interchangeable bits is too large to fit into the deep recessed holes on the Nintendo Wii. So you can’t really go to Home Depot or Walmart or even Radio Shack and find a tri wing screwdriver that will allow you to disassemble the Wii. We have everything you need to take apart the Wii, so get a tri wing screwdriver today. We always ship for free.

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