Unable To Read The Disc

If you have played a Nintendo Wii for any amount of time it is likely that you have seen the following error:

Unable to read disc

Is it the Disc?

The first inclination that most people have when they see the unable to read the disc error is to try to clean the disc. Sometimes cleaning the disc is all you have to do. However, it is more commonly a problem with the laser lens inside the Wii.

The Laser Lens is the Issue

When the disc doesn’t work, the next step most people take is to try to clean the laser lens. This can be very difficult on the Wii since there is no direct access to the lens. Nintendo does make a Wii Lens Cleaning Kit which you can get for about $10. There is a way to clean the lens with out the official cleaning kit and we will discuss how to do it in a later blog post. Please note, however, that fixing this issue is usually not a matter of just cleaning the lens!

The Problem is the Laser Has Stopped Working

It has been our experience that the unable to read the disc error often shows up when the laser has stopped working all together. You can do all the cleaning you want but I am sorry to say that cleaning doesn’t fix a none-working laser lens. It seems that this can be an occasional problem at first. Eventually the laser will stop working completely, and when it does you will see this error on every game disc you try to play.

How to Fix it 

The only real solution to this problem is to replace the laser assembly. We do not currently have a tutorial for how to do this but soon we will do a How To on replacing the laser assembly.

For now, here are a few things you will need. The first thing that is absolutely needed is a new laser lens. You can find Brand New Laser Lens for Wii Replacement Partonline for under $15. Secondly, you need a tri wing screwdriver to open up the Wii so that you can replace the laser. Replacement is actually a pretty simple process. As was stated earlier, we will go into detail on the replacement in a future post.

The screwdriver set sold on this site is exactly what is needed to take apart the Wii and replace the lens. If you already have a small Phillips screwdriver, you don’t need to buy the set but you will need the size Y0 tri wing. Free Shipping is always included.

Hopefully this post was helpful and you are well on your way to fixing this pesky problem!



        Wii Screwdriver Set (FREE Shipping)     Wii Screwdriver Set (FREE Shipping)Secure Payments by PayPal
  • Availability: In Stock.
  • Product: TC-386 Wii Screwdriver Set
  • Type: Tri Wing/Phillips Screwdriver Set
  • Size: Tri Wing: Y0
  • Size: Phillips: #000 (1.5mm)
  • Overall length: 130mm
  • Handle length: 55mm
  • Handle diameter: 15mm
  • Shaft diameter: 3mm
  • Total weight: 30grams
  • Free Shipping
  • Colors may vary
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4/5 Greatfast service
By: ray on Jan 25, 2014
Order the Wii screw driver set got it a couple of days later very fast response time. Was sent out a faulty screw drive and it was replaced very quickly. The set is of great quality. Recommend to other for the fast and friendly service. Will do business again.

5/5 OutstandingPretty Awesome Tools
By: Warren on Jan 19th, 2014
The Wii Screwdriver set was pretty awesome. Decent quality tools, they're not as tiny as a precision set of screwdrivers but just the right size, and the spinning top makes them easy to use. The colors make them distinct and stand out in the tool box (or kitchen drawer).

They fit perfectly in my Wii, and I was able to replace the DVD drive with the instructions from iFixit in about 30 minutes. It's a little more complicated than swapping a DVD drive in a PC, but if you can work on a PC, you can do it with the Wii. The extra length of the screwdrivers is nice too, because some of the screws are recessed and these can easily reach.

Worth the money and the wait for a quality set with free shipping, and better than taking a chance on the $0.99 ones elsewhere that have terrible reviews.

5/5 OutstandingGreat product
By: Craig hinney on Jan 18th, 2014
Fast shipping and great product at a great price.

5/5 Outstandinggreat tool
By: Enter Your Name... on Jan 6th, 2014
Great price, no shipment charges, fast delivery, it works great!!!

5/5 OutstandingWTF????
By: Luis on Dec 20th, 2013
I have been looking for this for a couple years and for some reason I overlooked this site. I can't believe I was so blind. My Wii has been buzzing and it annoys me to the point that I no longer play it. I guess I left the games in the console for too long and wore out the tension in the spring that loads the games. So I really want to fix it myself then pay to have someone do something that I can do.

To be honest I still haven't received it but I have faith that this is well worth the price. I understand if you're skeptical about buying this product. But paying $3.99 out the door is a risk I'm willing to take. I actually ordered the set. $2 more and I get the other screwdriver I need. I can spend $6 bucks for a pint of good beer at a bar or I can just hold off a round and get this.
You guys should put an ad in a gamer magazine or something. That may help... I'm not an expert though.

5/5 OutstandingGreat product
By: Katie on Dec 14th, 2013
I was able to remove a plastic penny from my Wii without a problem. Thank you.

5/5 OutstandingExcellent service for a hard to acquire product.
By: S on Dec 9th, 2013
I wouldn't usually offer to review a product of this type, but between prompt service both in correcting a bad shipping address, quick (free) shipping, and receiving exactly what I ordered, this was a very pleasant experience.

I ordered the Wii Screwdriver set, which includes the two screwdrivers:
1 Tri-Wing size Y0 and 1 Phillips size #000 , while they are inexpensive drivers on their own, they are not poor quality and performed with no issues in dissembling my aging Wii for minor repairs.

Note that these drivers are not easy to source for any reasonable price, and the only alternative is drilling out the screws or otherwise damaging your Wii, so with free shipping you are not loosing anything by buying from NintendoScrewdriver.com.

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